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Questionario a risposta multipla
1- What is the best method of preserving the microbial cultures?
Freeze-drying (lyophilization)
Refrigeration (cooling)
2- What does the presence of Staphylococcus aureus in (fresh cow's) milk reveal?
Poor environmental hygiene
The cow's disease
Aerial pollution
Contamination of feeds
3- The percentage of the average composition of biogas is:
50-70% of methane and 35-45% of carbon dioxide
30-40% of methane and 60-65% of carbon dioxide
80-90% of methane and 10-20% of carbon dioxide
10-20% of methane and 80-90% of carbon dioxide
4- Potable water is:
Rich in fecal coliforms.
The product of a secondary sewage treatment plant.
Water rich in viruses.
Water that is fit to drink (safely).
5- "The coliform count of water reflects the chance of pathogens being present: the lower the coliform count, the less likely it is that pathogens are in the water." What does this statement mean?
The probability of the presence of pathogens in the water is directly proportional to the coliform count.
The presence of coliforms in the water suggests the absolutely sure presence of pathogens.
If the coliform count is low, it can be assumed that the water is free of pathogens.
The coliform count is inversely proportional to the probability of the presence of pathogens in the water.
6- Water containing coliforms...
always contains pathogens
can contain pathogens
never contains pathogens
surely contains pathogens
7- Which bacterial genus should be absent in potable water?
8- What does a high rate of BOD and COD reveal?
The presence of a high microbial charge
The presence of chemical pollutants
The presence of a high concentration of organic substances
The presence of a low content of salts
9- Yogurt is rich in:
palatable microorganisms
unpleasant microorganisms
inorganic acids
10- What organic compound is mostly employed in the oxidation during the respiratory process?
A phosphate
A carbohydrate
A lipid
A protein
11- Water production is obtained in the:
alcoholic fermentation
anaerobic respiration
aerobic respiration
lactic fementation
12- What is the percentage of milk fat in butter?
80% to 85%
12% to 16%
55% to 60%
25% to 50%
13- Why isn't milk considered "the perfect food"?
Because it lacks iron
Because it lacks calcium
Because it lacks phosphorous
Because it lacks vitamin A

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