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States of Matter

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1- A particle made from two or more atoms bonded together is called
a molecule
a compound
an element
a mixture
2- Iodized table salt (NaCl and Kl) is an example of
an element
a compound
a mixture
an alloy
3- An atom is the smallest particle of 
a compound
an element
a reactant
an electron
4- High surface tension allows water to
evaporate easily
boil at a high boiling point
float as a solid
form rain drops
expand when cooled
5- Water is a polar molecule. Which statement is not related to this fact.
Water molecules stick together
The oxygen end of water has a negative charge
Water is held together by an ionic bond
Water has a high boiling point
Water has a high surface tension
6- The melting point is the temperature at which:
a solid turns to gas
a liquid turns to a solid
a solid turns to liquid
a liquid turns to gas

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