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Chemical Bonds

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1- An atom becomes an ion by
gaining or losing protons
gaining or losing electrons
gaining or losing neutrons
gaining or losing mass
2- Anions are
positively charged
formed by gain of electrons
smaller than their corresponding atoms
usually formed by metal atoms
3- A bond where the electrons are unequally shared is called
a polar covalent bond.
a nonpolar covalent bond.
a diatomic bond.
an ionic bond.
4- Which of the following is not true for an ionic compound?
formed by electron transfer
low melting points
very strong bonds
the smallest grouping is called a formula unit
5- Covalent bonding, hydrogen bonding and ionic bonding are important in understanding how substances dissolve. In what type of bond are substances made by the attraction of oppositely charge particles ?
covalent bonds
hydrogen bond
ionic bond
covalent, hydrogen and ionic bond
6- The polar ends of a water molecule are caused by
the atoms neutral charge
the attraction of oppositely charged ions
the unequal sharing of bonding electrons
the other substances mixed in water
7- Atoms, which have become ions, have lost or gained
electrons and protons
8- The substance salt is held together by a bond which results from
shared electrons
attraction of ions
the same number of charges
the same number of electrons
9- How do metals form ions?
By losing electrons
By gaining electrons
Either by losing or gaining electrons

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